The Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How? of OPERATION ORANGE


WHO:  We are four pilots from across the industry, and all fly for what are considered “major” airlines. Three are former military. Three are first officers. One is furloughed.  All four of us are share a common belief that our careers are salvageable, provided we can create unity across the profession. We are of the opinion that your careers are likewise salvageable for the same reason.

We are flying the line and sitting in the cockpits with you.

WHAT:  By operating a “sit down” protest of the government policy regarding these issues, we fall outside the RLA and squarely under the First Amendment right to speech, petition, and assembly. This protest will effectively shut down the air transportation system of the United States, should it come to that.

This is what happens when you abuse people for 30 years and give them no recourse. Eventually, the pressure builds and you get an catastrophic explosion to bring about equilibrium. Our catastrophic explosion will be entirely peaceful; in fact, our protest will literally be the quietest one in American history. We will all just sit quietly in our homes.

WHEN:  That is entirely up to the pilots in this industry. The faster we gain a critical mass of pilots that will ensure Phase IV (the shutdown protest) is successful, the quicker the actual events can take place. You have to raise your army before you charge into battle. Our goal is for 2012. Getting the word out is the single most important thing at this point in the operation. The faster we get a critical mass of pilots, the sooner we will be taken seriously by policy makers in our government. The faster we gain pilots identifying with OPERATION ORANGE, the faster we will attract pilots through the safety in numbers.

WHERE:  We are interested in an assembly of pilots in the nation’s capitol as an effort to lobby Congress.  This will not be part of the “Phase IV” SOS.  This assembly is part of “Phase III” (lobbying).

Phase IV will be in a pilot’s individual home, doctor’s office, Congressman’s office, post office, second job, etc.  There is not going to be a central location for the SOS. 

WHY:  By 2020, this will have been decided. By 2020, management will have the ability to replace us. We will not be able to fight, regardless of the circumstances. Life is a fight. From your first breath, to your last, everything living is fighting for its survival. We fight because we can. We fight because we are still alive. Be thankful we still have the luxury to fight for ourselves and our passengers. Soon, pilots won’t have that ability. Terms will be dictated and we will have no option.

Not on our watch

If the pilots who are presently in elementary school wish to destroy this industry, that is up to them. Our duty is to give them an industry and profession better than we found it, and dare them to do the same.We have been in a 30 year, losing battle. It is time for us to bring the fight to their doorstep in a manner for which they are unprepared to engage.

HOW:  Our premise is that our Founders gave us the freedoms for such action. The Bill of Rights prohibits government from quashing our speech, peaceful assembly, and petition for redress. We are protesting the current laws and actions of government with its mal regulation of the industry.

By having a critical mass of pilots willing to apply the only leverage we can lawfully bring to bear, we will be taken seriously by those who make policy. We can not afford political sympathy because the going rate for representation is well above what our traditional lobbying efforts can afford. We will also lose any arms race of lobbying money in Washington, to say nothing of the time it would take to make such an effort possible. Airline management will simply outspend us and run out the clock.

Please take the time to view our “Basic Strategy” post or .pdf, for information about how we will implement the SOS.

Basic Strategy posting

Basic Strategy .pdf

14 Responses to The Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How? of OPERATION ORANGE

  1. Terry Perisho says:

    Love this site. Just say when.

  2. J. S. Hart says:

    I’m in. I’m a UAL A320 Captain. I have been spreading the word, but I have some questions…

    How do you assess “critical mass” of pilot support?
    How do you execute and communicate when the time comes?
    Who’s going to introduce the legislation to change the RLA and when?

    J. S. Hart

    • The Committee says:

      Good questions. “Critical Mass” of pilot suport is obviously subjective. We do have some internal numbers, but the best way to gauge the readiness is the amount of overt participation in getting the word out. If we have 1 in 4 pilots displaying OPERATION ORANGE/SOS paraphanalia, the media, industry, government, and our pilot associations will be making a lot of noise (issuing threats, harassment, etc.)

      You can see by the way Smisek is handling the UA-CAL integration, he wants around CAL’s scope clause, so he went to United and thinks he has it. So much for all the smooth talking about how things will be better. You all have a lot to gain by supporting OPERATION ORANGE, and a lot to lose if the present paradigm is maintained.

      Print up cards and stickers to get the word out. The career you save may be your own.

    • The Committee says:

      We will be publishing an article on how we will communicate with digital encryption. It is basic PGP stuff, but we will spell it out for everyone and how we see everything going down.

  3. Mike says:

    Consider me Type 1. My current CEO is “merging” me into a pile of shit. I’ve had it. Keep up the good work, and I’ll do what I can out on the line.

    • The Committee says:

      We need guys like you to inspire the “TYPE 2” pilots out there. Print up the cards, stickers, etc., and get the word out.

    • We are all going to be outsourced if the execs get their way. We need to join together, not stab each other in the back. Get the word out to as many as you can. Our unions are fighting a war they can’t win with their current tactcs. They are doing business as usual and are going to get usual results – career destruction.

  4. jd ricciardi says:

    In. Time is not on our side. We must act very soon

    • Yes. Smisek and the boys are coming in for the kill and we need to be ready for them. Our unions are content to just do business as usual and expecting unusual results. We need to lead them to where we want to go. Keep up the good work and get the word out at UA/CAL.

  5. Charles Burt says:

    By the way. These problems apply not only to our group, but virtually any other american work group that is constantly under attack by the establishment along with their political supporters.

    Here’s an idea. Maybe we can cose the retirement plans of all congress and sent it to the PBGC.

  6. Charles Lindbergh says:

    Count me in as Type 1. Ready to shut it down. My bag is already decorated in ORANGE.

  7. We can’t collect funds out of OPSEC considerations. We will have to stick to the website and peer-to-peer communications. We can do it.

  8. Mark says:

    Important Suggestions:

    1. Please update the business card section with the new, shorter, web address ASAP. Also, consider changing the Stop Outsourcing Safety headline on the card to something else, and explaining why every pilot needs to visit the website NOW.

    2. We need a one-page sheet all of us can hand out to our fellow aviators–lots of bang for the buck there.

    3. Home page makeover overdue! For a first-time visitor to be presented with 4 or 5 pages of PGP material is absurd. Ditto for the burying of the tab for pilots, etc. You need to move the PGP material elsewhere for now, and ensure you’ve got OperationOrange2012.0rg and reserved as this is growing far too slowly . . . .

    Again, thanks for all you’re doing, but the rollout is taking too long for this to be done in 2011.

    We’ve got to get the word out more effectively as far too many pilots are clueless on this program as of yet.
    Keep up the great work.