Contact Operation Orange


You can contact the members of The Committee via email. We do not return phone calls, in most circumstances. We do not accept invitations for face-to-face interviews.

We accept normal email at the address listed below.  If you wish to communicate securely with The Committee, please submit your correspondence on a PDF or DOC file, encrypt the file to one of our PGP keys, and send the encrypted file as an email attachment. We will decrypt it and either securely dispose of the message or store it in a heavily encrypted medium.

Procedures and policies for sending OPERATION ORANGE highly sensitive material can be found HERE.

Our PGP keys are located at

PGP Trialware can be downloaded at

Please send email to the following email address:

committee [at] operationorange [dot] org

Please note that a significant delay may exist in receiving your email and we do not respond to all inquiries.

We regret any inconvenience our operational security measures may cause.

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