Hacked By Imam

Hacked By Imam with Love

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  1. DC says:

    I was just checking here to see if there were any comments regarding the TA for the Delta Pilots’ Contract 2015. In 2012, I read the paper that came from The Committee titled “Shiny Objects Syndrome” and I thought there might be something like that for this TA.

    It sure seems like the same mistakes are being made on this TA, except there is also a much larger number of pilots that are upset and pissed off at ALPA for even sending this POS TA to the members. The Shiny Objects Syndrome paper still has a lot of relevance when it comes to the mindset of many Delta pilots. Hopefully, by flying with some of us former Northwest pilots, our “culture” is rubbing off some!

    Thanks for your time!


    • Sorry for the late response. We update infrequently.

      Your TA went down in flames and it cost your MEC (as it should have).

      We are frustrated with ALPA and APA for lack of vision. ALPA in particular has a problem with being in the political strait-jacket of the AFL-CIO and the Center-Left political apparatus. They are not interested in improving your career, unless they are green-lighted by the DNC-AFL/CIO. Surly pilots are not part of the DNC talking points. They take orders to remain in the club. The relationship has lost its value to us, but we are too much into the ancestor worship of the past to notice.

      The RNC is no better, or even worse. The only thing positive to say about the RNC and labor is that in that organization, we know who the enemies are. Put in metaphorical terms, the DNC is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, whereas the RNC is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. What is better? Who knows. The wolf you don’t see is more dangerous than the one you do see.

      ALPA is stuck in the 1940-50s and think that numbers matter more than leverage, and the AFLCIO is actually interested in our plight. For partisan politics, numbers matter. For action, leverage matters. If the center-left political apparatus actually cared, 2002-2012 would never have happened.

      Don’t undersell your skills. DALPA needs to be prepared to operate outside the normal constraints. OPERATION ORANGE has shown how. No judge can enjoin lawful First Amendment activity. They know it. Does DALPA?

      The Committee

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