Mission Statement: Protecting the Flying Public; Restoring the Profession

The purpose of OPERATION ORANGE is to change the laws governing the piloting profession for part 121 operations, so as to continue to attract the best candidates to keep the air transportation system safe. The pilot aptitude component of the air transportation infrastructure has been looted and destroyed by a generation of airline managers. This asset has been destroyed through the political process and will be rebuilt by the same means. The problem is political; the solution is political.

This action is outside the Railway Labor Act’s jurisdiction. This action is under the protection of the FIRST AMENDMENT to the United States Constitution.

There is nothing our pilot associations can do to further defend a profession that has been destroyed. As long as they are content to continue using failed, traditional tactics, they will continue yielding failure. The law has us with no place to turn. This is the future, and it is accelerating. The results of collective bargaining are a result of the laws governing them. The laws are a result of the present thinking. The thinking needs to change. Nobody will change their thinking until the pilots do so. Once the pilots demonstrate the resolve to withdraw their labor, en masse, lawmakers, regulators, and managers will be forced to change their thinking.

OPERATION ORANGE seeks to use an industry-wide “suspension of service” to bring the issue to the forefront of those who have the power to change the laws. This “suspension of service” must be industry-wide. We have produced a legislative draft, containing our solution.

No part 121 pilot group is immune. Southwest’s CEO has put them on notice that their leadership in compensation and quality of life is in its final phase. Delta, United, and US Airways will certainly come under pressure as their contracts either become amendable or are close to conclusion after integration issues are solved. American’s troubles cover the spectrum and are a glimpse of what awaits the other pilot groups. UPS and FedEx just saw their management groups exempt them from regulations designed to reduce fatigue. Pilot pushing in cargo is now enshrined into law, and more is coming.

We are all in this together. It’s time to act together. Look what 30 years of “beggaring thy neighbor” has given us. Be ready to volunteer your time. Be ready to set the brake and stay at home until things get fixed. It is time to fight back, legally, peacefully, and effectively.

Please take the time to read the information provided at OPERATIONORANGE.org. You can download most of the documents in one zip file:



For a PDF of this posting, click HERE.

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