Air Canada Pilots Are Seeing ORANGE

 Air Canada Pilots are Seeing ORANGE

OPERATION ORANGE has touched nerves outside the confines of the United States. In fact, it is safe to say that wherever there is collusion between government and airline executives, for purposes of gutting pilot livelihoods and looting the wealth of the air transportation infrastructure, OPERATION ORANGE finds fertile ground to plant seeds for a glorious harvest.

All pilots in the US should pay attention to what is happening north of our border, because our brethren in Canada are experiencing what we are experiencing. In fact, the details of our struggle and theirs, are too similar to disregard as anything but coordination.

We made note of how QANTAS, the Australian national airline, is being systematically looted in the same manner airlines in the US have been destroyed. In the case of QANTAS, the matter has been brought to the floor of their parliament, by Senator Xenophon. We published his remarks a few weeks ago.

OPERATION ORANGE has been in contact with pilots at Air Canada and they are in the crucible of war, when it comes to their attempts to gain appropriate working conditions for their labors. It is what American Airlines pilots are now facing, and what United, Delta, Northwest, US Airways, and Continental pilots faced in recent years.

We have been sent two letters by The 97 “squared,” (97% strike vote turnout x 97% voting in favor of strike) a grassroots movement of Air Canada pilots, and have been asked to publish them on our website.

Please take the time to read both letters. These letters could have been written by any professional airline pilot, whether in Canada, The US, or Australia. The stories are all the same, which should give us the courage to pursue these matters jointly, rather than as individual pilot groups that will be picked off by joint effort of global airline management and the governments who protect them.

The career you save may be your own.

Your career may be saved by your brothers at Air Canada.

The luggage tag on the above picture has been produced by an Air Canada pilot. They are “seeing orange,” and we hope their southern brothers stand up for the cause as well. If you would like to purchase a luggage tag, write to

We are in this together. Please support The 97 squared (97%x97%).

Baseball bats…hockey sticks…

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