PGP Links

PGP Corporation has been recently purchased by Symantec Corporation.  This
does not present a problem  with the PGP software, keys, or any feature
needed for the implementation of the SOS.  However, Symantec Corporation
will be changing the links to the various PGP versions they offer, and as
such, The Committee cannot keep up with their changes in real time.

We will endeavor to keep the link to the PGP Trial Version as updated as
possible, but the possibility exists that any PGP links we post may fall

To get the PGP Trial version, go to the Symantec website, and follow the
following to get to the trial version of PGP Whole Disk Encryption:

– – -Select “Business” from the top masthead

– – -Select “Products” – “Products A-Z”

– – -Scroll down  and select”Whole Disk Encryption”

– – -Click on “Trialware”

– – -Click on “PGP Whole Disk Encryption Trialware”

Follow the directions for download.  Registration is required, but is free.
 This will enable you to receive the trialware licensing code.  Note that
some funcationality will disable after the trial period, but the “keys”
function should remain active after the trial is over.

We appreciate your flexibility and improvisation as we move forward with
getting the word out about the SOS.

Also note that the PGP links in the “Authentication” document may be
obsolete.  The “Authentication” document will be updated when Symantec’s
links are more stable.

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