Regional Airlines: You Get What You Pay For

It is not the objective of The Committee to generally impugn the qualifications and records of pilots flying regional jets and turboprops for outsourcing operations. The staffing of outsourced operations has a wide spectrum of experience and nothing in our remarks should be taken to generally disparage any pilot because of his or her employer. Many pilots choose to be outsource pilots for major carriers due to family and other considerations.

Our emphasis is how the managers of both the outsourced operations and the mainline carriers generally disregard experience in the interest of cost containment. This practice is obviously dangerous and speaks volumes about the priorities of government and industry. Additionally, this practice generally brings a cloud of doubt over the entirety of the outsourced operation, which may or may not be justified.  Competent pilots within the so-called “regional” carriers must bear an unfair burden of ridicule and doubt from both the public and their peers due to the dangerous practice of hiring pilots who are short on experience and qualifications, but work for wages acceptable to corporate and government interests.

Good pilots at these carriers have their earnings depressed by overzealous young pilots carrying crushing debt burdens incurred from their flight schooling. Airline management of all stripes exploits this to their advantage and to the detriment of good pilots and the safety of the flying public.

Pilots at smaller airlines can join us to end this practice and bring dignity and professionalism to every passenger operation from the B-747 to the Q-400.

The following videos highlight some of the realities the piloting profession has had to endure these past 20 years. The public deserve better than having shadow flight schools operate without their knowledge or consent and the FAA needs to put a stop to it.

They won’t until they are forced. Let us all hope no further blood need be spilled to force that action. Our petition is peaceful and a way to fix the problem and right the industry for the forseeable future.

All of us will benefit: Mainline, regional, and the flying public.

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